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Protection_farms_logoProtection Farms are not based on some groundbreaking technology, but rather on ancient methods of farming that hold the ethical treatment of animals as a primary concern over profit that is blind to compassion.

Since the beginning of civilisation, animals have been domesticated and engaged in the service of human society. Most people are well aware of the benefits humans receive from their animal companions. Whether they are horses, dogs, felines or elephants, animals have always had their part to play in the lives of human beings.

Nowadays various farm animals, although already dedicated to the welfare of human society, are being exploited to such an extent that good people everywhere are asking why. Factory farming greatly depersonalises animals, diminishing them into commodities where cruelty governs monetary gain.

Annually tens of billions of farm animals are “processed” to supply the meat industry. Unlike our loved pets, animals used in the meat industry are not given any respect as sentient beings and are denied basic rights with the result being completely inhumane.

Cows have humbly served our society for their whole lives while experiencing the regular trauma of having their calves forcibly removed from them. They deserve better treatment, especially after their retirement from milking. At the moment these animals are more or less seen as useless once they are too old to produce commercial quantities of milk at which time they are sold for slaughter and the meat is used to make hamburgers or is sold as pet food .

PAWS intends to rescue these and other mistreated farm animals from an undignified ending and place them under the care of Protection Farms.

Protection Farms are the practical answer to ending factory farming without denying the fundamental and symbiotic relationships that exist between humans and domesticated animals.

Unlike most modern farms, Protection Farm animals have value as sentient beings as well as utilitarian value. As a result the animals are respected for the gifts they can give to people instead of being cruelly exploited and sadly butchered.

Protection Farms Stage 1

PAWS is in the process of networking with land owners, animal welfare workers and financial supporters with the idea of protecting farm animals so that the can live out their lives in relatively peaceful conditions with good food and veterinary care.

Beyond Stage 1

The humane, agrarian culture of a Protection Farm will also create rewarding employment opportunities for farmers and animal carers. It will greatly assist in the education of school children and visitors alike.

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