PAWS Approved

What is PAWS Approved?

“PAWS APPROVED” is our own branding system being implemented to inform members of products in the general community that are free from animal cruelty. We believe the knowledge PAWS has accumulated is suitable for setting up guidelines for the general public, and the ability to correctly identify establishments and products suitable for those undertaking a cruelty free lifestyle. Current focus for PAWS approved is centered around Vegetarian/vegan restaurants, Vegetarian-friendly restaurants, and cruelty-free products. All PAWS APPROVED restaurants and products will be included in our Products without Cruelty passports, PAWS newsletter, and other PAWS materials.

Why PAWS Approved?

A lot of restaurants out there have “vegetarian” meals on their menu. However, there are still ingredients in their meals that contain animal products, for example oyster sauce or eggs. As there are different types of Vegetarianisms out there, PAWS APPROVED guidelines will provide information and assistance for restaurants that are willing to work with us with proper knowledge of their vegetarian customers’ needs. PAWS APPROVED also creates an advertising opportunity for any restaurant who is willing to work with PAWS. PAWS APPROVED is aimed to provide the Vegetarian community and animal-loving people more faith and security when eating out or buying products.

Benefits of PAWS Approved

For the community:

Reliable cruelty-free products to use

Genuine vegetarian food

Genuine vegan food

Reliable resources and knowledge

For the PAWS APPROVED restaurants and manufactures:

Great advertising opportunities

A better communication with vegetarian/vegan consumers

A higher ethical standard

Greater potential to cater for an increasing vegetarian community

PAWS Approved Guidelines

Vegetarian / Vegan restaurants

Vegetarian friendly restaurants

Cruelty-free products

How to become PAWS Approved?

PAWS welcomes all community members to be part of PAWS and PAWS APPROVED. Please contact PAWS Community Resource Centre for further information. You will be asked to fill out our supporters form and a PAWS APPROVED form. Our friendly staff will give you full assistance on getting your business going with PAWS APPROVED!

For more information on PAWS APPROVED guielines contact PAWS.

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