Food Distribution

Food is an integral and essential part of our daily lives. It is not only necessary – it is enjoyable and brings people together in a social sense. Many cultures advocate feeding the needy and relieving suffering caused by lack of food.

PAWS is conscious that not only do people in developing countries require food relief. People in developed countries also require dietary assistance, education and provision of facilities where individuals, groups and families can experience healthy, quality, affordable, and chemically free foods.

There are 3 parts to this project:

1. Mobile Welfare Distribution Units

P1010655Mobile welfare distribution units are highly efficient ways of effectively reaching out to people in need and providing them with pre-sponsored regular, nutritious food. This service is in highest demand in the cold winter months.

2. Public Events Catering

P1030467PAWS has identified that there is a great need for wholesome, complete meals at public events. A major problem at any public event is the inability to purchase a meal for a reasonable price that will satisfy the soul. The association is endeavoring to provide the community with self-contained catering vans. It is the intention of PAWS that these vans will be present at a range of festivals and public events, to provide the public with the option of nourishing, quality foods without cruelty to make your day out truly memorable.




3. Community Restaurants

food1-300x225Community Restaurants – Real sustainability begins with growing, harvesting, cooking and consuming your own food. PAWS Community Garden Projects will tie in with our Protection Farms. They will be able to provide sufficient produce to supply numerous restaurants with organically produced fruits and vegetables. These facilities act as models of sustainability and provide a valuable service whereby people can sample the best local foods, exotic fruits and vegetables. Regular cooking classes and self-help resources will also be an integral part of the restaurants’ activities.

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