Ashram Accommodation

Ashram or Ašram is an ancient Sanskrit word proclaiming sanctuary and shelter for all beings.

In essence, PAWS is providing a sanctuary for those in need of shelter, be they homeless, unemployed, a volunteer or a person who finds him- or herself in an emergency situation where s/he needs shelter.

The main goal of the Ashram is to progressively help people re-join society. The PAWS Ashram provides basic shared accommodation, shared to encourage the feeling of a community and to discourage inappropriate activity.

Our Ashram demonstrates that we can help one living entity without exploiting another in the process. PAWS Ashram offers shelter, food without cruelty and human kindness.

Peter Singer once wrote “if it is in our power to save someone’s life with little cost to our own lives, then we are morally obligated to do so, and not to do so is morally reprehensible.”

Savings someone’s life is clearly dramatic; protecting persons from harm, assuring their rights and privileges, and providing necessary resources are less dramatic and less clearly understood obligations.

As part of its ‘non violent’ outreach program, PAWS has opened its doors to all walks of life to demonstrate how one can live simply, so that others can simply live.

“Poverty is the worst form of violence.”

– Mahatma Ghandi

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