Oxygen masks can help save your pet’s life in a fire

Posted by David Reynolds | July 8th, 2017

A set of  pet oxygen masks designed to save the lives of your pets in a fire were presented to the Junction City and Geary County Rural Fire Departments on Thursday.

The Rural Fire Chief for Garry Berges stated that local officials contacted the Invisible Fence Company through a web site. “We told them we had three first-out trucks where Junction City is also receiving three sets along with Geary County. Any of our trucks that are first on scene will be the ones that try to save the animals if the need arises.”

Each department received a set of the masks which are through the Project Breathe program and include three sizes of masks so animals of multiple shapes and sizes can be accommodated.

Dr. Julie Ebert, veterinarian, said the different sizes of the masks for example, will fit on a small up to a large dog. “It’s going to fit snugly around the face so that oxygen is able to be artificially given to the dog if they’re not breathing, especially if there’s been a smoke inhalation situation where they need to actually be supported with oxygen.”

The masks can be used on other animals as well, such as pets.

The presentation of the new masks occurred in front of the Junction City Fire Department Thursday morning.

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