I got you, Babe! The unlikely friendship between abandoned dogs and a piglet who share a bed, eat dinner and go for walks together

Posted by David Reynolds | December 1st, 2016

A newborn piglet has been given a second chance at life at an animal sanctuary where she has more of a liking to the dogs, rather than the pigs.

Dreamy was left in a box at the front of the Sugarshine Farm Sanctuary, in Lismore on the New South Wales north coast in November.

Kelly Nelder, founder of the sanctuary, told Daily Mail Australia she discovered the two-week-old piglet fast asleep in a box and wrapped up in some blankets in a crate, kept at the front of their farm for people to leave animals they can no longer take care of.

Ms Nelder said that Dreamy first appeared quite listless, low on energy and her tail cut, which she added were signs of stress and that she potentially came from a factory.

But a few hours at the farm, the piglet’s demeanor changed after exploring the grounds.

‘She really embraced her new life pretty much within a few hours of arriving. She was full of life and confidence, splashing around in the puddles,’ she said.

‘[Now], Dreamy is delight cheeky full of energy, loves to have fun, she’s very much like a baby, she’s just adorable,’ she said.

Aside from going back to being a piglet that is full of life and energy, Dreamy has also found new friends with the dogs on the farm. Ms Nelder said that the dogs were initially unsure about the piglet joining their group until one day Dreamy climbed up onto one of the dogs, a Kelpie named Wally, and napped on his neck.

‘We initially thought she would bond with the pigs, but she absolutely adored dogs,’ Ms Nelder said.

The piglet, who has now been at the farm for the past month, joins the dogs on adventures around the farm after having breakfast with pigs.

‘Now she thinks she’s a dog and she wants to be with them all the time,’ Ms Nelder said.

Ms Nelder said she isn’t too concerned about Dreamy becoming too attached to the dogs adding that it’s still in her instinct to interact and ‘snouting’ around with the other pigs.

‘It’s hard imagine that she was destined for a pig factory,’ she added.

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