VICTORY! ALDI to phase out cage eggs from all Australian stores!

Posted by Faith Taylor | May 26th, 2016

The day hens are no longer confined in cruel cages just got closer. Today ALDI joins a growing number of retailers recognising that cruelty is bad for business. And it’s thanks to Animals Australia supporters, like you!

For months on end, failed talks with ALDI were getting hens nowhere. We knew that ALDI’s support for cage eggs was at odds with public sentiment. We knew that ALDI had its sights on blanketing the Australian supermarket landscape. We knew that hens suffer horribly in cages. We knew we had to go public.

Enter 15 year old Animals Australia supporter, Angelina. Her landmark petition on asking ALDI to stop selling cage eggs set in motion a campaign that would attract the attention of the whole country. In just days, over 40,000 people signed on!

And then this happened…

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