TV personality injured in dog attack

Posted by Adam Leach | May 31st, 2016

Onus on pet owners to be more responsible




Samantha Armytage has had a close call with a Doberman in Sydney…..


Mondays are bad enough, but it looks like Samantha Armytage has had a really rotten start to the week.

The Sunrise host was on an afternoon walk when she was attacked by a dog in the street.

Samantha revealed the snap of a large plaster on social media, telling followers she had just come out of hospital from getting injections to prevent infection.

“And that’s a wrap on an afternoon I’d rather forget,” the 38-year-old posted.


“One Doberman attack, one police station visit, one tetanus shot (with added whooping cough booster), antibiotics = very stressful hours!”

Sam’s shock at the attack soon turned to anger as she complained about the dog even being able to be near the public in the first place. “IF YOU HAVE AN AGGRESSIVE BREED OF DOG,” she wrote, “KEEP IT AWAY FROM THE PUBLIC.”

“This could have been so much worse,” she continued, explaining there had been a toddler walking just near her when the dog attacked.

“Thank god it was me and not him,” the presenter said.

Some of her followers jumped on the blonde for calling a Doberman an aggressive breed in the first place.

“Blame the owners, blame the individual dog, but not fair to put all dogs from a breed into the category of ‘dangerous’ because of one, the follower wrote.

“ALL breeds have the potential to be aggressive,” said another. “It’s the owner’s responsibility to be aware of their dog’s nature.”

But the TV host would have none of it.

“Dobermans are an aggressive breed,” Samantha hit back. “The owner said this dog had ‘never done this before”…Well it did today. And it could have been a child’s face.

“So don’t you start with me today mate disputing the aggressive breeds, because I’m not in the mood to be polite.”

You tell ’em, Sam!

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