The Swan Valley Humane…ish Food Region

Posted by Mark Meerman | April 27th, 2016

Back in 2014, the Swan council (in collaboration with the RSPCA) created Australia’s first Humane Food Region. This is a wonderful concept that aims to minimise the suffering of some animals (sheep and cows are exempt). It plays an important part in the RSPCA’s Choose Wisely program. But how does it work?

The policy relies on the voluntary re-commitment of the participating restaurants in the Swan Valley to inform the organisers who their suppliers are. These suppliers must be approved by the RSPCA.

So, if the restaurants tell the truth about who their suppliers are and if the RSPCA regularly checks that the producers are operating in accordance with humane guidelines then you can be assured that your Choose Wisely restaurant is doing its bit to minimise suffering for the animals (except for the sheep and cows).


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