Is dinner with Granddad such a chore?

Posted by Mark Meerman | April 27th, 2016

A picture of a sad Grandfather has recently gone viral when a grandchild turned up for a group dinner only to find that the other five kids hadn’t. Kelsey Harmon (an Oklahoma college student) posted the picture online and, as you would expect, the net went nuts. There followed the normal amount of abuse and death threats that are so much a part of modern online conversation.

Comments such as “What kind of monster are you? All a man wanted to do was have some burgers with his grand children. Is that too much to ask?”

But the truth is, it may just be. We don’t know all of the facts or the whole truth. Does he demand they visit every day? Does he constantly berate them when they are there? Does he have dementia and talk profanely the entire time? We don’t know and so we shouldn’t judge.

Certainly, we should take the time to care for our elders. They aren’t going to be here for ever and we should treasure what time we have with them.


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